lørdag, november 22, 2014

The cushion

My latest knitting project all done and dusted. A new Christmas cushion, without too much festive cheer, I might add. Mostly grey, with just a little bit of red. Quite the way I like it.

I do enjoy these quick little projects. With thick needles a cushion like this does not take a long time to make.

This time round I decided to make a feature of the opening, with buttons and a touch of red. As this is a seasonal cushion, I thought it a good idea to make the changing of the cover as quick and easy as possible.

Now my next project is to sew the red and white ticking tablecloth. So far I've just laid it on the table to see how it looks. Not too bad...

lørdag, november 15, 2014

Ticking, knitting and bulbs

Despite the wet gloomy weather we've had for ages now, I'm in Holiday mood already. Half the fun of Christmas is really in the planning, don't you think? And the time before the actual holiday itself.

This year I've decided to introduce more red into my decorations, compared to what has been the case in the past. I've found that red works for me as long as it is accompanied by a fair bit of white and grey.

So... I've started knitting another basket weave cushion. In red and grey this time. And I have to admit, I'm rather in love with it. Already. Even though it is only half done.

I've also bought some lovely red and white ticking, which I plan to make into a table cloth. Not a patchwork one, but just a pretty, plain ticking one. With a bit of white and chunky lace. Rest assured, all will be revealed in due course.

And bulbs. Hyacinths and amaryllis. In pretty rustic pots. Had it not been for the aforementioned wet weather I would have gone into the woods to gather some green moss for soil cover. Not to worry, there is still plenty of time for all that. Christmas is not here yet. And the rain is sure to stop one of these days...

søndag, november 09, 2014

Thinking, planning and dreaming

I have started to think about Christmas. This year it will be a quiet affair, compared to last year's full house. Yet I find myself rather looking forward to it. I'm thinking, planning and even dreaming about how to decorate the house.

The first hyacinths of the season have been bought, and I can hardly wait for their lovely scent to fill the house. I'm also looking forward to bringing out the new, as of yet unused Christmas quilt. I surprise myself by being rather drawn to the colour red, as I do not have a great track record with this particular colour.

My past Christmases have been rather plain and white, but now that I have this Christmas quilt in red and grey, I want even more of the colour red. Maybe a cushion or two... I don't really decorate with a lot of ornaments, but prefer to create the Holiday spirit with flowers, greenery... and now even with a bit of red.

How about you...?

torsdag, november 06, 2014

Chock a block

You might remember this entry about the lovely old books I rescued back in October. You might also have noticed that the bottom shelves of the bookcase did not contain antiquarian books but stacks of (not so antiquarian) magazines.

Well, that is not the case any more, as more old books have found their way into our little house to fill the bottom shelves (from the very same source, I might add. How can I not try to rescue as many books as possible from demolition...?)

Leaving me with a whole lot of magazines (mainly British 'Country Living') and nowhere to put them. Except to pile them high on the floor, wherever there's available space. Not an ideal situation, to say the least.

But I do love the old books, and have not regretted my little rescue mission. Even though many of them do not make an interesting read. Or what would you make of 'London Street Names' from 1896 (as seen here) or 'Bengal Army Lists' from 1857? Not to mention all the strange French titles. I know...

Now that the bookshelves are chock a block full with mostly unreadable, but oh so decorative books, I need to do something about the piles of magazines. Dating back 14 years or more. So I've started to go through them, and to tear out interesting articles on decorating, gardening, cooking etc.

I suppose I better stop buying magazines altogether, as there really is nowhere to store them any more. Thank goodness I have 'Bengal Army Lists' from 1857 to amuse myself with...

fredag, oktober 31, 2014

Hedge planting

I like the idea of garden rooms. To be able to wander from one 'room' to the next, not knowing what is to be found over the hedge/fence until you actually get there. That is unfortunately not the case in my very open garden. What you see is what you get, all in one glance. More or less...

But I do try to change that. Not just for the interest different 'rooms' create, but to stop the forever present wind in our open landscape. In this particular part of the garden, the westerly wind makes life rather unpleasant for the poor plants.

So... I set my 'head gardener' to work. Making good use of the autumn sales, we decided to plant a beech hedge, to hopefully stop the wind, and to give a bit more interest to the garden. Now beech is not the hardiest of hedges in our climate, but my 'head gardener' has given it a good footing, so I'm hoping the hedge will thrive/survive here.

Otherwise there is little to delight the eye in the garden at this late stage. Most of it has now been put to bed, and weather permitting, I'm working on the rest. The raised veggie beds are almost empty now, apart from a delightful perky row of garlic I planted in early September. Hope they'll survive the winter.

This autumn has been an unusually mild one. Only a few frosty nights so far. The flowerbeds are nearly ready for the long winter to come. Wish I could say the same about me...

søndag, oktober 26, 2014

The result...

Surprise, surprise... a cushion it is! It seems I'm not able to produce much else than cushions or blankets with my needles (or with my hook, come to think of it).

Cushions are quick and easy to make, and there seems to be no end of uses for them. I quite like the hint of orange with the grey, as orange is a colour I like to use sparingly. As is red.

Now I'm rather tempted to make one in red and grey, for Christmas, to go with my raspberry pink and grey Christmas quilt. Grey with a hint of red. Yes, I think it would be a good idea. Watch this space...

fredag, oktober 24, 2014

On my needles

The rain keeps pouring down (whatever happened to the beautiful, golden October days, with low autumn sun, soft breeze and colourful leaves everywhere...?)

In between the downpours I have managed to get the spring bulbs in the ground (and quite a few in a couple of pots as well), but there's still plenty to do before I can say the garden is ready for winter.

So... most of my days are spent indoors, close to the wood burner (thank goodness for the wood burner for keeping us toasty warm). With a pair of needles in my hand.

So what is it going to be...? All will be revealed in good time. All I can say at the moment is that I rather enjoy working with these autumnal colours. A little bit of burnt orange, and a fair bit of mousey grey. Both of them in lovely soft wool.

I'm still hoping for more of those golden October days, but even if it ends up raining for the rest of the month I shan't complain, as the wool and needles will keep me busy, and the fire warm and cosy.