tirsdag, september 29, 2015

Autumn in the air

After weeks of rain we've finally got the kind of autumn weather I love. The air is crisp, the sky bright blue, the nights cold and dark, the stars twinkle. What is there not to love?

The colours are changing too. We don't usually get the most amazing autumn colours, yet the (one and only) maple tree on our property does change its colour to my satisfaction before losing its leaves. So far there are only a few colorful leaves.

The garden flowers are over by now. Only the good old trusty phlox gives us a bit of floral pleasure. And the odd rose, even though they do look rather lost and almost out of place in the autumn garden.

With the cold nights the time has come to rescue the geraniums from the deck before the frost gets them. Only I've got the same problem as last year. Where to put them all...? I better get cracking.

mandag, september 21, 2015

Seasonal decorating...?

I like the four very different seasons we have here in Norway (even though spring and summer are my favourites). I do also like the idea of seasonal decorating, yet I never seem to get it right.

In midwinter I tend to dream of summer, and surround myself with light summery colours. During the warmer summer months I spend every waking hour outdoors, and don't really give much thought to what the house looks like inside (this summer the living room has been very plain, almost forlorn).

And now, come autumn, what do I do? Instead of the browns and greys more associated with the season, I choose (yet again) the pastels and pretty florals.

The warm woolly blankets and cushions, intended for autumn, are still in storage, and the tweedy quilt I have been planning to make for ages, is still at the planning stage.

My only concession to autumn is the kelim rug on the floor. On probation, at that. Maybe once the weather cools down (properly) I will bring out the 'right' seasonal accessories. For now... summer lingers on.

lørdag, september 19, 2015


'The devil is in the details' goes the saying. Details are indeed important. In our little summerhouse there are no major changes, only a few new small details. Like these small green coat hooks.

The idea is to be able to hang jackets and some such, now that the temperatures outside are cooling, yet inside the little house it is still rather warm and cosy (especially when the fire is lit. Which is most of the time) Also, the hooks are handy for hanging other decorative items, like this little lantern (more pretty than practical).

Other nice (new) details are the drawer pulls. In fact the drawers are altogether new. The table has been missing one of its drawers ever since I got it, and my solution has been to place the 'missing' side agains the wall. But drawers are useful and desirable. In this case to store candles, matches, napkins and the like.

So lucky for me, clever hubby was able to make a new drawer to match the existing one, and I was lucky enough to find nice drawer pulls, with a lovely worn patina and pretty green color (the same as the coat hooks). A win win one, me thinks...

What else...? A 'new' lantern. Which in fact is an old fish bowl someone had discarded. Perfect for a chunky candle, to light the forever darkening nights. In the summer house we do not have any electric light (so far), only (romantic) candle light. And we need quite a few of those.

Finally... a rustic old wooden crate (goodness knows what it has been used for in the past), perfect for storing some old 'Country Living' issues. And to hold yet another candle. Next spring, when the plan is to build the surrounding decking (and the door will be in use), the crate will have to go, but for now it is a welcome addition.

A few small details only. Otherwise nothing much has changed, or is new. Even though we call it a summerhouse, it is still very much in use (much thanks to the lovely, warming fireplace). But for how long, before the cold weather arrives? Hopefully for quite some time.

onsdag, september 16, 2015

Odds and ends

Every now and then I get this great urge to use up all my odds and ends, instead of buying new material for my craft projects. Maybe this is why I love patchwork so much, the way one utilises even the smallest bits of fabric to make something pretty. Scrap quilts have always been my favourites.

So what to do with woolly odd and ends? You may recall the beautiful August day I spent procrastinating, and did everything else except what I was meant to be doing. I started to crochet yet another cushion (using wool left over from other projects). But after a few squares I thought I'd already done these. Not only once, but twice! So something new was clearly called for.

Enter the knitting needles. And garter stitch. Good old garter stitch. And lots of odds and ends. A few years back I stitched some tapestry pictures, and was left with small, 'tapestry friendly' lengths of wool that I found hard to part with.

I thought knitting them all (along with other odds and ends) into a cushion would work. Might even look rather pretty. So off I went, knitting eagerly. Until I reached this stage. Nowhere near enough the right size. And nowhere near enough wool.

The question is, what to do? The idea, in the first place, was to use up all the odds and ends. But now I've run out. The 'problem' is, I rather like the look of my little project. So I may end up buying more wool, in order to be able to finish my little 'odds and ends' project. Resulting in more 'left over' wool. A vicious circle it is...

tirsdag, september 08, 2015

End of a summer

The light is different. The air is cooler. The evenings darker. There is no denying... yet another summer has come to an end.

It is time for apples...

... and plums.

Jam making time.

There is still the odd rose about.

Even a cluster (though definitely looking worse for wear after heavy rainfalls).

The potager is still somewhat productive...

... even though a lot has already been harvested.

It is time to say goodbye to summer. And to welcome autumn. Which, as always, I do reluctantly...

onsdag, september 02, 2015

The 'Dreamy Blanket'

The 'Dreamy Blanket' is finally finished and I couldn't be more pleased. It has taken me well over a year to get here. There has been some progress and there has been some trouble, but all is forgotten now.

I love the soft alpaca from Sandnes Garn. And I love the heathery colors (I've used the following colours: 4855, 4853, 4622, 3911, 4611, 1042 and 1012). In fact, I like to think the 'Dreamy Blanket' turned out just the way I'd hoped it would.

The tweedy cushion looks good with the blanket too, and both are much appreciated now that autumn and cooler weather are here.

The plan is for the blanket to 'live' here in the bedroom, but somehow I think it will move around where ever it is needed. To bring warmth, comfort and cosiness. All in all, I rather do love it!

onsdag, august 26, 2015

Not many left now

I love summer, and I adore roses. Sadly summer is over, and so are most of my roses (only a couple repeat flowering ones left). Yet I can't help but pick a few for my bedside 'table'. To see the pretty blooms first thing in the morning... to smell their delicate scent. Heaven. What to do once all the roses are over... (and the first hyacinths are still months away?)