fredag, januar 30, 2015

Quiet days and muscari

Quiet winter days. Not much to 'show and tell'. My little muscari bulbs have started to flower indoors. Their colour is very light blue compared to the much deeper blue colour (which I do prefer) when growing outdoors.

I will keep the bulbs, and plant them outdoors once the snow and frost have gone (will be quite a while before that can happen). Meanwhile they will cheer me up indoors.

My geraniums are struggling (due to lack of daylight, no doubt). The larger pots are stored in an outbuilding (insulated), while I try to keep the smaller ones alive indoors. I've lost two already, hope the rest will make it...

I trust your weekend will be a lovely one. Snow is forecast here. The joys of winter seem never ending...

lørdag, januar 24, 2015

Hope springs eternal

The snow keeps falling. There seems no end to this winter. I know, I know... it is still only January, and there's a few more winter months to endure before spring arrives.

Yet I can't help but dream. And hope. For spring. Three weeks ago I picked a few cherry branches from the garden (before the snow), and this is what I have to show for my patience. A few tiny blossoms forced to bloom midwinter.

Maybe not fair on the poor blossoms, but plenty joy for me. There is hope! Also to help me along I've got some tiny muscari bulbs. No flowers yet to speak of. But all good things come to those who wait.

This winter. I try to enjoy it. It is, after all, rather beautiful. With all the snow. Which has inspired a bit of a wintry look inside too. White (with a bit of brown). White and pure as the driven snow.

Yet I can't help but long for and wait. For spring. I know that under the pure white snow there's good things to come. Flowers. All in good time...

torsdag, januar 22, 2015


It has snowed quite a bit here these past few days. Steady light snow, resulting in a pretty wintry landscape.

Not enough snow for skiing though. Not that I mind, as I're not an avid skier.

But I do enjoy the light that snow brings. Along with the lengthening days, of course. Not much sun lately though.

Except for this low, bleak winter sun. Rather lovely in all its paleness.

Not many words today. Just a few wintry shots from around here... Over and out.

søndag, januar 18, 2015

Daily routine

Every morning is the same. An unmade bed. A mountain of pillows. Is it really necessary to have all these pillows on the bed, if they are not for sleeping...?

For me a bed without pillows is just not the same. Not quite as inviting. Not as enjoyable (to sit and read in bed, without all the soft pillows for support and comfort).

I do not mind the pillows. In fact, I even like the look of them when piled high on the chair for the night. And I do not mind making my bed in the morning, pillows and all.

Some even claim there is happiness to be found in this daily routine.

And now I'm about to remove them again, as it is time 'to find the pillow' (the one and only I use for sleeping). Only to start all over again tomorrow morning.

How about you? An unmade bed or a daily routine of making...? A mountain of pillows... or not?

torsdag, januar 15, 2015

Grey and snowy

Snow day again (and no spring in sight). I thought it about time to break the silence and come out of my hibernation (despite the snow). A while back I just thought I'd 'lost the plot' completely. Nothing more to say. Hence the silence.

Winter tends to have that effect on me. I know I need to fight it. It is far too easy to sit back and be one with the silence. To hibernate. To sit by the fire and pick up an unfinished quilt. Rather cosy, in fact.

Going outdoors for a refreshing walk does not sound tempting. But my lovely four legged friend (Zara) needs her daily exercise. And, dare I say it... so do I.

So out we go in all kinds of weather. And in we rush, back to the warmth of the comforting fire. And the stitching.

The forecast is for more snow. The wind is howling. The firewood is stacked high in the basket, the fire lit. It is as good as it gets now, in mid January. And truth be told, not all that bad...

tirsdag, januar 06, 2015

Bright and crisp

A bright fresh New Year. Yet the day today is anything but... more like rainy and grey (one look at my pics and there's no doubt). So surely there is nothing quite like a lovely crisp bouquet of spring bulbs, in cheery yellow, to make things brighter.

Spring... how I long for it. As soon as Christmas is over, the longing starts. I like to pretend winter does not exist, and that Christmas is followed by spring.

Only in our climate it is more like wishful thinking. What a long, long wait it is. More tulips, please...

fredag, januar 02, 2015

Last year's makes

Before I let go of 2014 completely, I thought it fun to look back at last year's makes. A New Year is often about resolutions, and last year I made one to try and finish my numerous WIPs. I'm glad to say I did. Mostly patchwork quilts (started quite some time ago), but also some crochet and a bit of knitting. So here goes... (by clicking on the name of the make you get to the original post, to see and read more... should you wish to do so, of course)












All the ones above are 'done and dusted', while I've also managed to start a few new projects, as seen below. Maybe this is the year to finish them too. And, of course, to start exciting new ones...




Phew... this one ended up a rather long post, with lots of links. Hope you find them helpful/interesting.

Last year I also wrote a post about 'How to make a Mia's Landliv quilt'. You can find it HERE, should you be interested in reading/revisiting.

That's it, my friends. All set for 2015!