onsdag, februar 25, 2015

New girl, old chair

You might remember this entry about my husband's interest in art (and my interest in bare walls!) Well, he's done it again. A new girl has found her way into our house. A young, pretty one, at that. Yet with a rather serious, solemn face.

In the few days she's been here, I've grown quite fond of her. Mostly because of the colours of the painting. Beautiful blue sky, beige and blue clothing and a golden glow. An old school portrait.

Then there's the old chair. Which has been here for years. Yet due to the recent rearrangement of some of our furniture, a new place had to be found for it (the bookshelves with the old books have taken its previous place).

The guest room seemed like the obvious place. And now the chair looks like it's always been there. That's the beauty of blue and white. As most of my soft furnishings are in white or blue, or a combination of the two, it is easy to move things around, safe in the knowledge that they'll fit, anywhere and everywhere... (smug!)

mandag, februar 23, 2015

Tweedy wool and soft alpaca

Winter is usually my most productive time, craft wise that is. Not so this year. I wish I knew why. I've fiddled a bit with this and that, but really don't have much to show for my efforts.

At the moment I'm rather taken by the soft, dreamy, heathery colours of the crochet blanket I'm working on. And the lovely tweedy wool I got for my b-day (in matching colours, a happy coincidence). I've thought long and hard what to make out of the tweedy wool.

The best I could come up with was another knitted cushion cover (surprise?!) Seeing I've only got three skeins of that particular wool, it's the best I could do (hope I've got enough for a 50 x 50 cm cushion). I love the wool, but the tweedy bits make it a bit more of a challenge to knit, than 'plain' old wool.

However I do love love the soft dreamy alpaca I'm using for the 'Dreamy blanket'. As it is such a joy to work with, I wonder why it is taking me so long to finish it? Maybe the longer daylight hours will give me more energy and crafty inspiration. I remain forever hopeful...

søndag, februar 22, 2015

Another angle

The old books. New to us only last October. Yet due to the new floor they had to be moved anyhow. So where did they end up? Not far, as the old mirror and the bookcases basically just swapped places.

The bookcases with the old books ended up in the little hall by our main entrance. Maybe not the most obvious place for books, but they do look much better there. There is more room for them. It is easier to appreciate them, to enjoy the lovely dark, antique patina. All they need now is a bit more light (easily fixed, I hope).

I do like the view now, from the entrance into the living area. The contrast between dark and light. I'm also rather pleased with the new floor. It seems to have opened up the space even further.

I have enjoyed this little bit of rearranging. New places for old things. Makes me see them in a new light. And makes me appreciate them that much more. Sure, change is indeed as good as a holiday.

fredag, februar 20, 2015

A new angle

You know the saying 'change is as good as a holiday'. I've not been on a holiday as such (even though I've been absent from my blog for the best part of this month), but a fair bit of change has indeed taken place here. Which makes most everything feel rather fresh and new. Just like a holiday.

Due to a new floor being laid in our kitchen/living/hallway, we had to move all our furniture in that area. And since we were at it anyway, we thought it a good idea to change the placement of some of our furniture at the same time. For the better, was the general idea...

Remember the bookcases with the old books that appeared in the hallway back in October last year? Well, they are not there any more. (I'll show you next time where they ended up). In their place is now the old mirror, which belonged to my husband's grandmother, and used to reside at the main entrance.

With the lovely old mirror in a new place I suddenly see old things in a new light. And see new, different angles in my, by now, very familiar 'old' house. A lovely fresh change. A bit like a holiday. And I'm loving it.

lørdag, februar 14, 2015

Spring flowers

I seem to have lost my blogging voice for the time being. But I have definitely not lost my love of spring flowers and buds.

Pink tulips, blue muscari and forced lilac sprigs. I love them all and can't get enough of them (I'm also longing for daffs, but I have yet to see them for sale in my neck of the woods).

I also love the odd sunny springlike day we've had lately, even though it seems to be more of an exception than a rule. And just to prove the point, the day today has been particularly damp and grey. Never mind, feel the change in my bones, just the same.

Here's hoping for better days ahead, weather wise, blog wise and otherwise...

søndag, februar 08, 2015

Summer dreams

Winter is still very much present here. We've got it all; snow, freezing temps and dark nights. Sure enough, winter does have its charms (even though I at times find them hard to take).

Yet it is becoming more and more obvious that 'the times they are a-changin'. The days are getting longer and brighter. With the sun sitting higher up on the sky snow starts dripping from the rooftops.

Looks like spring might happen after all (to put an end to my 'misery'). And spring is, of course, followed by summer. I can never quite make up my mind which season I like the best; spring or summer (I have no problems knowing which one I like the least...) All I know is I'm glad one is followed by the other.

As for my garden, it is definitely a summer garden, not a spring one. Even though I adore spring bulbs, I find them hard to incorporate into my garden, to make them work in my flower beds. Maybe it is because spring often happens all at once here, giving the bulbs scarce time to flower before summer perennials.

So a summer garden it is. With all my favourite flowers, in my favourite colours. Pinks, whites, blues and purples. In bloom for a few short months only. Last year one reader thought it surprising I put such an effort into my garden, seeing our summer season is such a short one.

And every autumn I feel exactly the same. 'Is it over already...? Surely not. I've only just got started'. Short and sweet is the name of the game. Yet here I go again... hoping, dreaming, planning and scheming. Summer can't come soon enough. I'm more than ready.

fredag, januar 30, 2015

Quiet days and muscari

Quiet winter days. Not much to 'show and tell'. My little muscari bulbs have started to flower indoors. Their colour is very light blue compared to the much deeper blue colour (which I do prefer) when growing outdoors.

I will keep the bulbs, and plant them outdoors once the snow and frost have gone (will be quite a while before that can happen). Meanwhile they will cheer me up indoors.

My geraniums are struggling (due to lack of daylight, no doubt). The larger pots are stored in an outbuilding (insulated), while I try to keep the smaller ones alive indoors. I've lost two already, hope the rest will make it...

I trust your weekend will be a lovely one. Snow is forecast here. The joys of winter seem never ending...