mandag, mai 25, 2015

The darling buds of May

May has got to be my most favourite month. I love the bright fresh green colour everywhere, I love all things growing in my garden (except the weeds perhaps), so happy to see they've made it through the long winter. And most of all I love all the darling buds and blossoms.

I like to think that nature really puts on her prettiest gown in May, and she keeps telling me 'look at me, look at me...' Of course I am happy to oblige, and can't stop looking, admiring and marvelling.

The May bush (Bridal Wreath Spirea) is really looking its best at the moment. Love love the frothy white blossoms. Our little hedge is five years old this summer, and from its tiny beginnings it has finally grown into something resembling a hedge. One with a will of its own, I might add...

There are two parallel hedges that run from the house towards the potager, with an opening for a crossing path at the bottom. One side has taken off rather well, while the other has struggled, and has needed a few new shrubs to replace those that did not make it through the cold winter (and mice attacks).

But all is forgiven, and the blossoms are being enjoyed to the full. In the hedges, and the fruit trees, both cultivated and wild. Now if only I could stop the clocks for a little while, as I want to enjoy this beauty for as long as possible...

fredag, mai 22, 2015

Woolly comfort

All winter long (and our winters are really long!) I long for spring. I count the months, I count the days. And when May finally arrives I believe spring is here.

Which is usually the case. But this spring, this May, has been anything but usual. Sure, the light is here (long days, short nights) and even the greenery and fresh new growth is here (to a degree). But where is the warmth? It has totally escaped us, as we keep freezing, one May day after another.

Today I finally gave up. Gardening in ones winter woollies is not all it's cracked up to be. So I've retreated indoors while a gale is howling and rain keeps pelting down.

Of course I'm still surrounded by woollies (just not wearing them), as there is a good deal of comfort to be had in a ball of wool and some needles. And a little posy for company. All the while hoping that maybe tomorrow the warmth will come...

lørdag, mai 16, 2015

May days

May days continue to be chilly (according to the weather man more so than usual). But at least we've had the odd bright day in between the downpours.

The plum trees have started to bloom in earnest, and the May bush hedge is only a day or two behind. As for the apple trees, they should follow suit. All it takes is a few warm days, please...

I have a few newcomers in my garden this spring. I love tulips, and all winter long I usually have a bunch or two inside the house. But never once have I grown tulips in my garden.

For some reason I thought them to be difficult customers. But last autumn, at the nursery sales, I took the plunge and bought a few tulip bulbs. Now I wish I'd bought more.

I love them, and have had a better success rate with them than with any of the other bulbs I've grown so far (only two snowdrops, a handful of crocus, and a couple of daffs). So come autumn, I'll make a beeline for the nursery for more tulip bulbs.

There has been a bit of progress at the summer house. All the inside walls and ceiling are clad now, and have been painted with a base coat of white. Looking all light and bright, and rather promising...

tirsdag, mai 12, 2015

Random spring stuff

Just a few random spring photos taken today... A spring posy of wood anemones (nearly over by now) and the lovely deep deep blue muscari from the garden (remember the pale blue of the winter muscari? I much prefer this deep blue colour).

A little crate with six different herbs (thyme, sage, lovage, lemon verbena, chocolate mint & apple mint), waiting to be planted outside (its far too cold and windy at the moment for the poor protected plants to be facing the harsh outside world).

A lovely tulip geranium. Even though I try to over winter as many geraniums as possible, and take cuttings from them, it is hard to resist a brand new (to me) variety. Such as this one.

Next to the tulip geranium is another newfangled variety. A scented geranium. And not just 'any old' scent, but that of Coca Cola, no less! Now I'm not too fond of the drink itself, but I couldn't resist this particular plant (lilac flowers will hopefully appear some time soon).

May has been colder than usual so far, but spring is progressing, just the same. Today I noticed the first few flowers in the plum tree. A lovely confirmation of things going in the right direction, despite the wet and the cold (I know I longed for a bit of rain a while back, but might I now be granted some sun and warmth instead...?)

lørdag, mai 09, 2015

Apple blossoms and geranium cuttings

The other day husband decided it was high time to prune our apple trees. Usually the pruning is done in March, so 'high time' (in May) truly is an understatement.

The trees did definitely need pruning, having grown tall and unruly over time. I do hate the idea of losing all those potential apples, as I never seem to get enough...

Yet I am loving the branches full of swelling buds. I never have the heart to bring apple branches indoors as such, but now that the 'damage' has been done, I do enjoy the blossoms.

As for geraniums, I never seem to get enough of those either. I try to overwinter as many of my plants as possible, yet always manage to lose some during the dark months.

A good thing it is then that geraniums are such accommodating flowers. Taking cuttings is easy enough, and now I'm nursing several small ones, in the hope that they'll soon be strong and brave enough for the real world outdoors.

onsdag, mai 06, 2015

Volume IV & V

I have been writing Mias Landliv for eight and a half years now (give or take a break or two). I know, I know... a very, very long time indeed (surely it is not possible to find something new to write about for eight whole years...?) But the truth is, I've taken countless photos and written 882 posts (followed by 31.226 comments!) over the course of eight plus years.

Yet some time in the future all this is bound to come to an end. Only the thought of deleting all those thoughts, photos and memories... losing them for ever, is indeed a sad one.

Enter Blog2print (please note: this is NOT a sponsored post) and I have Mias Landliv for keeps. All beautifully printed out in the form of colourful books. I already had three volumes, and now I have five!

Even though I plan to keep writing this blog for as long as it pleases me, it is lovely to know that all will not be lost the day I choose to press 'delete'. Here's to volume VI...

søndag, mai 03, 2015

Henhouse come 'summerhouse'

Once upon a time we used to have a henhouse. Which, in fact, started out as a plain old wood shed. Built by my husband during our first summer here.

But after a couple of summers I decided I wanted to keep hens, so the shed was remodelled, inside and out, to accommodate the much desired hens. A chicken run was built around the henhouse.

All was well, and the hens kept us (and our family and friends) with fresh, delicious eggs. And provided the garden with much welcome chicken manure.

The hens seemed happy, we were happy. End of story. Or so you would think. But it was not to be... As it turned out, the hens had got the prime location on our property.

Facing south and west, the house bathed in sunlight, from early morning way into the loooong summer evenings (as such making the henhouse a bit too warm for comfort for its inhabitants). But perfect indeed for humans. Hence an idea was born.

Wouldn't the henhouse make a perfect 'summerhouse'...? Sunlight and shelter for those summer days (and evenings) that are maybe a bit too windy and cold for comfort. Yet one wishes to be 'outside' (instead of being confined inside the main house, as in the rest of the year...)

So the hens had to go. And work got under way. It all started (very tentatively) last summer, and this is where we are at the moment.

All the henhouse 'decor' has been removed. The ceiling has gone and the room opened up to rafters. The floor, walls and pitched roof have been insulated. All of eleven (old, recycled) windows have been fitted.

Now the room is flooded with light, with views facing south and west towards the open fields, the nearby lake (invisible from our main house), and the garden. Some sort of heating, either a fireplace or a wood burner (yet to be decided) will be installed.

Double doors towards the garden will also be installed. A wooden deck will run around the three sides of the house, making it possible to move with the sun, and to find a sheltered sunny spot as and when need be. The indoor space will be clad and painted white, and furnished for dining and for relaxing.

There is still a lot to do. Yet there is progress, slowly but surely. Hopefully by midsummer we'll be able to enjoy this little summer house, as intended. (To be continued...)

As for the hens, they are gone for now, but the plan is to build new quarters for them in the future. I look forward to their return, as I do miss them (and their eggs) greatly...

On a different note... thank you for all your lovely comments in regards to my previous entry. You've made me feel missed, as well as welcomed on my 'return'.