søndag, desember 21, 2014

This and that...

Not many days till Christmas now. For once everything seems to be under control. Not a lot of preparations this time round. We are going to have a quiet one this year, and are rather looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to a bit of quality time with some lovely wool, both 'old' and 'new'.

The 'old' being the 'Dreamy' blanket, which has had a bit of a rest lately. Not any more. The 'new' being this lovely soft Donegal 'tweedy' wool (a b-day gift from Ireland), that I hope to make into something nice. What exactly, has not been decided yet.

Outside it has just started to snow. Rather Christmassy. Maybe it is here to stay this time (the snow, that is). It would be appreciated as it does make everything a bit more festive. Speaking of festivities...

... the tree is up. The scrawniest one ever. Tall and scrawny. But with loads of 'character'. Not sure it is worthy of a blog post though. Ho ho... we'll see... Have a good one, lovelies.

fredag, desember 12, 2014

Poor Rudolph

Did Rudolph lose it, I wonder...? The antler, that has found its way into our house, just in time for the festive season. And if he did lose it, I wonder whether he is missing it...?

I sure hope not, as I rather wish to keep it, now that I've got it. I like to think it goes quite well with the somewhat festive look in our entrance.

A 'look' that is much the same as last year. Minus the antler, of course. I prefer it with the antler. Poor Rudolph. His loss, my gain. I hope he doesn't mind...

mandag, desember 08, 2014

A bit of Christmas cheer

A glorious sunny day, after a wet windy one yesterday. The snow is gone (as predicted), but the sun is much appreciated.

A bit of Christmas cheer, despite the lack of snow, has found its way inside the house, in the form of trusty old Advent candle holder and cute Victorian angels.

Not to forget the beautiful white amaryllis, that has two stems of flowers in bloom at the same time. A rare treat indeed. As, of course, is the sunny day.

fredag, desember 05, 2014

Finally... snow

A while back, after a frosty night, I mentioned how I longed for some snow. And finally the snow came, transforming the dark landscape with its lovely blanket of white.

The sky is still heavy with clouds, and the snow is very wet, but it is meant to get colder overnight. And tomorrow is meant to be sunny, so my photos would probably be prettier taken tomorrow.

But we do not expect to enjoy this for long, as it is meant to thaw again on Sunday, with milder temperatures and heavy rain. Oh, the joys of snow and wintertime.

onsdag, desember 03, 2014

The roses

The roses I got for my B-day (thank you for all the good wishes) must be some of the most amazing ones I've ever seen. I could not help but take a few more photos of them to show you (not that my pics really do them justice).

Roses must really be one of my most favourite flower (even though I do of course have many, mostly depending on the season) and I grow as many of them as possible in my garden (even though it is an uphill struggle). The old fashioned scented ones are probably the loveliest (even though they do not tend to keep well in a vase).

But these lovely gifted ones must come as a good second. The size of them alone makes them unique (almost the size of peonies), the colour is my favourite (pink, of course), and they do keep well. So now in the dead of winter I could really not ask for more (how many more months till summer...?)

søndag, november 30, 2014

The tablecloth

The red ticking tablecloth. All done, and in use several days already. I just ended up hemming the sides, and laying the finished cloth on top of an old favourite patchwork tablecloth, now unfortunately worn and washed to shreds.

But the lovely white linen and chunky lace border is far too pretty not to be made use of. So I like to place any tablecloth I happen to fancy on top of the old patchwork tablecloth.

'Someone' had her special day yesterday, and was given this beautiful bouquet of pink roses. I love the roses, and I love the way the red ticking looks almost pink with the pretty roses.

A little tree has also found its way inside the house. It will remain unadorned, even though the box of Christmas decorations has been brought down from the attic. I wonder what treasures can be found within...?

onsdag, november 26, 2014


End of November and no snow. Only one wet grey day after another. Until yesterday, that is. When it finally cleared up and was followed by a long awaited frosty night. How I love a starry frosty night.

Followed by a crisp clear morning. Until yesterday we hadn't had one proper sunny day in the whole of November. There have indeed been times when I've wondered whether we'd ever see the sun again.

So the bright sunny morning today felt rather special indeed. Everything does look so much better with a bit of sun and a bit of frosting.

Might I push it even further and wish for a bit of snow now? It would definitely put one in a more Christmassy frame of mind. Or would that be too much to ask...?