søndag, august 31, 2014

Coming to an end

Whether I like it or not (no, I don't like it), this summer is coming to an end. It has been a good summer, and the garden has been (if I may say so) quite lovely. And productive.

But the time has come to start clearing away and tidying up. The root veggies will stay in the ground for now, but the rest is about to go. Except...

...I'm thinking maybe I'll try some garlic this autumn. I've only grown garlic once, without any great success, I might add. But maybe this year garlic could do well. Yes, I think I'll give them a go.

I'm always sad to see an other garden season end. Yet I'll try and make the most of this one as long as I can. And now the weather man tells us that we are in for an indian summer. So maybe not quite the end yet...

fredag, august 29, 2014

Dreamy trouble...

I do love working on my 'dreamy crochet'. I love the soft alpaca wool, I love the heathery colours and I love the simple granny square pattern.

Yet I have had some trouble getting it 'just right'. First I chose to change the amount of rounds in each square.

And now I've also been playing around with the colours and their position (since last seen here). So quite a bit of unravelling has taken place.

I trust I've got it 'right' this time, and look forward to seeing this dreamy blanket of mine grow. All I need now is more wool...

mandag, august 25, 2014


Fog is quite an amazing thing. It makes you feel like you are on an island, all on your own, and the rest of the world does not exist.

We do not often get proper thick, atmospheric fog. Mostly it is just light mist, quite beautiful too, yet it does not cut you off the rest of the world like fog does.

There was this one very cold January day, a few years back, when the fog was exceptionally beautiful, and lasted the whole of that short winter's day. And now this early morning fog in late August.

It was magical. Until the sun managed to break through, and burn the fog away. The day ended up rather sunny and beautiful, but what I'll always remember from this day is the special morning.

lørdag, august 23, 2014

A piece of cake

The first apples are ripe in the garden. Time for cake. Norwegian apple cake.

Easy peasy to make, and a favourite in this house.

Wonderful served with a bit of vanilla ice-cream. And a cup of coffee. A piece of cake...

The sun is shining in between showers. Life is good ;-)

torsdag, august 21, 2014

Hot and cold

I tend to prefer cool colours, in my house and in my garden. But now, in late summer, I find great delight in the few hot colours to be found in my garden. Bright yellow and blazing orange (in fact, I find myself rather drawn to orange).

Otherwise, blue really is my colour. Blue and white (two new cushions in this colour combo). And grey. Cool colours.

There is a nip in the air, a feel of autumn. No hot blazing August days this year, it seems. I'm grateful for the comforting heat from our wood burner, which keeps us toasty warm. And the grey blanket. Hot and cold...

tirsdag, august 19, 2014

Late summer

The ripe and mature colours of the garden tell me that summer is nearly over. August days can be lovely, unfortunately this year they have mostly just been wet.

In between showers I've ventured into the garden, to take stock and to harvest. The apple crop will not be a bumper one this year, but there will hopefully be enough for apple sauce (to go with my breakfast müsli).

The parsnips are coming along nicely. I've already harvested a fair amount of the flat leaf parsley (and made lots of dynamite, now safely in the freezer, I might add).

The onions have been pulled up, and are currently drying on the barn floor. There's spanish onions, shallots and the regular yellow ones. A good crop this year.

The flower beds have reverted back to green, as in spring time. Only now the green is a more mature shade. I'm grateful for the phlox for providing a bit of colour (white!) in the mainly green borders.

Every year summer seems to pass by so quickly. Never more so than this year. It has been a lovely one. It'll be sorely missed.

onsdag, august 13, 2014

Stormy weather

The warm balmy summer weather we enjoyed for weeks on end is a thing of the past, it seems. What we have now is stormy weather. Wet weather. Chilly weather. Thunder and lightning. Am I responsible for this, I wonder... complaining as I did, in my previous post, about not having enough rainy days? Well, we've got them now.

I want to turn back the clocks. I'm not done with summer yet. And certainly not ready for autumn. Unfortunately I've got little say in the matter (despite my doubts about the opposite...) Of course, I could look on the bright side, and be happy for all the time I can spend in my little studio, sewing to my heart's content. Instead, I'm hiding under the duvet in our bedroom, curtains closed, dreading the lightning and thunder. I'm no good with stormy weather...

I'll be back once things have calmed down a bit.