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I grow a lot of different vegetables in my kitchen garden, and every now and then there is a glut of one or the other. I have previously written about zucchini, and now it is parsley. We love parsley and every spring I sow lots of it (not just your regular pot on the terrace). So come late summer there is the inevitable glut of parsley.

We do eat a lot of tabbouleh (which we love), but my potager is fast running out of mint, yet there is plenty of parsley left. So the answer is "dynamite"! Now dynamite is made out of equal weight (in these photos there is about 400g of each) of parsley, cauliflower, celery root and onion. All of them raw.

The best way to process them is with an old fashioned meat grinder. Alas, it is something I do not have. So I use my food processor to chop them all up. Add salt to taste, and voilà, a healthy concoction that tastes heavenly with potatoes... on rye bread topped with tomato slices... etc. Dynamite freezes well. The important thing to remember is to freeze it in small portions, as once defrosted it really should be eaten the very same day.

It is lovely to have something "green" in the freezer, to be taken out and enjoyed on a cold winter´s day, when the garden is covered by a white blanket of snow. Never mind if there are no salad vegetables in the fridge. "Dynamite" is a delicious, healthy alternative.

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Geli sa...

Hej Mia, I´m always amazed how much vegetables and fruits are growing in your garden. And this in Norway! I think you are a great gardener! The recipe sounds very good! I will try! Have a nice weekend, Geli

Cottage Tails sa...

You have converted me - I will be serving up dynamite to the family.
Thank you!
Love Leanne Nz

seashoreknits sa...

Mia - this recipe sounds just wonderful! I would love to try it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It reminds me of a salad that I eat often here in the U.S. I process equal parts broccoli and cauliflower in the food processor and then add grated carrots. I then add currants or dried cranberries and some raisins and sesame seeds. With a sprinkle of lemon juice and some salt this is so delicious - we call it a Detox Salad for its health benefits!

Vintage Sheet Addict sa...

This looks great Mia, I love veg and I'm always on the lookout for new things to make with them!
This is my first year of veg growing, the slugs have really enjoyed my attempts! Ada :)

Cindy sa...

Thanks for the recipe. I love all the ingredients, so we should like them all together:)

Mogis Cottage sa...

I love vegetables, too. That seems to be a very good recipe. Thanks for it.
Have a nice sunday.
Love Tina

Frances sa...

Mia, thank you so much for introducing me to your Dynamite recipe. I don't have either a meat grinder or food processor, but am still going to make some notes about the ingredients...to see if I can make a "low tech" variation.

Best wishes!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. sa...

Mia, thank you for this recipe.
I still have a lot of Parsley in my herb pots...

LaurenceM37 sa...

Hello Mia ! I'll try...with my sixteen boy who don't like vegetables ! Laurence

Heide sa...

Hi Mia,
great recipe, thanks!

I just wanted to add that even if one doesn`t have enough freezer space your dynamite could be kept well in glass jars if you just added olive oil and quite a bit of salt to it. The olive oil needs to cover the greens and the jars have to be kept in the fridge or a cool place (e. g.basement).
This way I preserve garlic or parsley and it keeps for many months!!
When you use it, you usually don`t have to add any salt to your dish, either.

Tried to add this comment when I first read this post but didn`t suceed, now I fount out how it works, so this comes in very late...

Happy preserving and love from Germany,